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The Tucuxi (Sotalia fluviatilis), alternately bufeo gris or bufeo negro (both in Peru) is a dolphin found both in the rivers of the Amazon Basin. The word "tucuxi" (pronounced too-koo-shi) is derived from the Tupi language word tuchuchi-ana and has now been adopted as the species' common name. Despite being found in similar geographic locations to 'true' river dolphins such as the Boto, the Tucuxi is not closely related to them genetically. Instead it is classed in the oceanic dolphin family (Delphinidae). Physically the species, particularly the marine variety, resembles the Bottlenose Dolphin.
Steno bredanensis
Steno bredanensis

his is the only long-beaked dolphin with a smoothly sloping melon that gently blends into the upper beak. The body is not very slender and the anterior may be stocky. The large flippers are set further back on the body than in most other cetaceans. The dorsal fin is tall and only slightly recurved. Some large males may have a hump posterior to the anus resembling a keel. Rough dolphins are countershaded with white bellies and black to dark grey backs. The sides are medium grey and separated from the back by a cape. Size reaches 265 cm and body mass may reach 155 kg (Jefferson 2002).
Sousa teuszii
Sousa teuszii ...

Sousa teuszii resides in Atlantic waters off the coast of Western Africa. The Atlantic humpback dolphin's range extends from Mauritania south to Angola. This range is the primary distinction between Sousa teuszii and its sister species Sousa chinensis, which is found in the Indian and Pacific oceans.
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